Hi there! I am Renée. A positive person, traveller, remote worker, and enjoyer of life! Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I lived in the Netherlands for my whole life, but in 2019 I decided, together with my partner, to travel the world. I left everything behind to chase my dream: steady job, mortgage, family and friends. Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit, and we had to get creative with our travels. But what is life without a challenge, right?!

My biggest dream is to travel to many more countries in the world. As soon as this pandemic calms down a bit I will take you with me, and we will go to Japan, Fiji, New Zealand, and many other beautiful destinations. Dream with me about what life can be if you are not afraid to take the first step!

In my posts I will share with you my passion for travel, positivity, photography (just starting out), and my happy life decisions.

Much love, Renée