Jamaica – Our first trip together

It was November 2011 when we took an all inclusive trip to Jamaica! The funny thing about this trip is that we hardly knew each other! In the second half of 2011 I was looking for a short holiday and asked my friends on Facebook where I should go: Jamaica or Cuba? All of a … Continue reading Jamaica – Our first trip together


It was exactly a year ago that we were in Belgrade, and we liked Belgrade a lot, so we were very curious how Niš was going to be. What a lovely surprise it was! I didn’t really know what to expect from this city, but went with an open mind. We rented an Airbnb very … Continue reading Niš


As Paul and I are frequent travelers, I am going to share some experiences with you about the cities we visit. First city: Skopje, capital of North Macedonia. We ever expected to end up here, but we did. Our first impressions weren’t great. It looked like a very gray city, there was a lot of … Continue reading Skopje