Easy energy bars (recipe included)

For the past month, Paul and I have been getting back into a healthier routine. We try to exercise at least five times a week, get enough sleep and eat a little better. Not that we weren’t eating healthy, but we also both love cheese, pizza, chocolate and beer, and that got a little out of hand. So it was time to take better care of ourselves.

I can honestly say that we are doing very well at the moment. We have a good vegetarian diet at home and almost everything we make is fresh and homemade. Preparation is the key to a healthy eating habit. I spend one day a week preparing meals and it normally takes me almost a whole day, but it’s worth it! It makes me so happy when I see our freezer full of homemade meals! So today was one of those days where I prepared many different things. Some to fill our freezer with, and some to eat right away. 

Today I’m sharing my recipe for easy energy bars. Click here for the recipe. They are great for when you need some instant energy after your workout, or just delicious with a cup of tea.They are so easy to make and very tasty! You can keep them in the fridge for 4-5 days or put them in the freezer. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

Love, Renée

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