Central Perk – Skopje

Yes, yes, yes!! As you know, Paul and I are both HUGE fans of the series Friends! So, you can only imagine how we felt when we discovered there was a Central Perk in Skopje. Oooh-Myy-God! We have to go there! And we did! It was a bit of a walk, because it’s not in the city center, but actually in the outskirts of the city. Make sure to take out Google Maps when you walk there or take a taxi.

When we arrived, a sense of excitement went through us. We had no idea what to expect, but it did not disappoint! The outside didn’t give away a lot, so we opened the door and … Walked right into Monica’s kitchen and living room! Their eye for detail was amazing! Not only was the place itself fully Friends themed, but they also even paid attention to detail in the bathrooms! ‘My eyes, my eyes!!!’ Haha, yes, they hung poor Phoebe above the toilet!

So picture this: Two 40 something year olds walking into Central Perk and start running around like a couple of 8 year olds. From Monica’s kitchen to the living room, from playing Phoebe’s guitar to hugging Hugsy, it was amazing! We quoted as many scenes of Friends as possible. It was like we were there! The ultimate place to be as a fan. After playing around for 20 minutes we finally sat down and had some food. The food was actually quite decent as well.

If you are ever in Skopje, and you are a fan of Friends like us, you have to go there! Just type in: Central Perk into Google Maps and you will find it.

Much love!

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