Belgrade, you’re a beauty!

This was our second time around in Belgrade and it was so much more fun than the first time. Okay, the first time we were there during lockdown, so we didn’t really have a lot of opportunity to explore this amazing city. This time we did!!

Craft beers

Where do I start?! Well, if you are craft beer lovers like us, there are a lot of nice places to go. A year ago, they opened a new brewpub called: Docker brewery. An amazing place to drink local brewed (and imported) beers and if you’re lucky, you will see the full brewing process as the brewery is at the end of the hall.

Outside they have an amazing beer garden. Imagine sitting there with a group of friends, enjoying a local brewed beer and some proper pub food! Can’t get much better than that!

Of course, they have more places to drink some amazing craft beer. Dogma Brewery is also worth a visit. They have some really good homebrews and import beers. The place has a good atmosphere, and the food is to die for!

Some other places to visit are: Samo pivo!, Tri Kralja, Krafter and Funk and Soul pub.

Vegetarian / vegan food

The vegetarian/vegan hype has finally reached Belgrade and it’s good! One of the first places we checked out was: Rai Urban Vege. An aesthetically pleasing place with delicious and quality vegetarian/vegan food! It’s not the cheapest place to go, but definitely one of the best ones. 

Another place worth visiting is called: VegANGELov. A cozy place in the city center with some decent vegetarian food. The prices are very reasonable, and the portions are huge!


There is only one for me in Belgrade: CITYLOOKS. The last time we were in Belgrade I also went there, and Aleksander never disappoints. He is a very skilled hairdresser and understands exactly what you want. It is one of the more expensive hairdressers in Belgrade, but in my opinion worth every penny!


Well, all I can say is make sure you don’t take a taxi from the taxi rank. The chance that you will get ripped off is very high. Use a taxi app instead. We used the apps of: Beogradski, Pink taxi and Car go. To be honest, it sometimes takes a while to get a taxi, but at least you know what price you will pay. Trustworthy companies are: Beogradski, Pink taxi and Naxis.

Walking around

There is a lot to see in Belgrade. From embassies and historical buildings to beautiful parks. We definitely walked many kilometers! We don’t always have a plan, but just turn left or right at a random street and always find some hidden gems that we otherwise wouldn’t have found.


There are many shops and places to eat in Belgrade. A few of our favorites are DM (drugstore), Maxi (supermarket), H&M, Pizza Favola (small pizza place), Martovski cafe (good coffee), Slatkoteka (donuts), and Sunshine bagel (fresh bagels).

This is just a small impression of Belgrade. The city has so much to offer. If you ever get the chance, it’s worth the visit!

Much love!

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