My hearty ‘Bolognese’ pasta (including recipe)

I’m back!! I know it has been a while since I wrote something. To be honest, I simply didn’t feel inspired to write. Sometimes life can get really busy and it’s important to know when to hit the ‘pause’ button. So that’s exactly what I did. At least for my blog. In the meantime, Paul and I have been extremely busy with our own online teaching businesses, and we’ve been putting a lot of hours into our social media platforms. 

In August I also decided to launch my own teaching website, because of the rising commissions of the company I worked for. Paul started his own teaching business last year. Besides starting my own business, I also just finished a 5 – 6-month investment course successfully! I’m actually really proud of that, because I put some serious hours into it!

And now the hard work is done, there is a bit more time to relax and focus on the things I love doing, like cooking. Today I am going to share another vegetarian recipe with you: ‘Bolognese’ pasta. It’s a hearty, filling and flavorful pasta dish, and very suitable for the colder days ahead of us.

I used brown lentils for the ‘meat’ base and homemade tomato sauce. You can find the recipe here. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of this recipe!

Much love!

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