Bzzzzzzzzzzzz… Almost everyone will recognize this sound, and will probably associate it with sleepless nights. Yes, I’m talking about mosquitos! Those horrible, annoying, little creatures that always have it out for you. So many sleepless nights of trying to sleep when you have them buzzing around your ear, or trying to catch them, but they always find the best hiding places.

When I was young I always got bitten by them. The bumps were very itchy. Horrible! Strangely enough over the years something changed. When they bite me now, I don’t feel anything anymore. No itch, and you can hardly see anything, but there’s still that annoying buzzing sound when you’re trying to sleep.

Now, Paul is a completely different story. He has the worst reaction to mosquito bites! When we first met, I thought he was exaggerating when he told me about his reaction to mosquito bites, but when he showed me the bumps, I knew he wasn’t! His body reacts very badly to a bite. He gets these big bumps and they cause an extreme itch. 

Years ago when he was in Canada, he went for a mountain bike ride and got bitten all over his back. His friend counted 83 times!! His back looked like the Rocky Mountains! 

When we travel, mosquito spray is absolutely something we have to bring with us! It’s better to prevent, than to cure it. Some mosquitoes are very active early in the morning or after sunset. We make sure to not be outside or if we are, to put some mosquito spray on. I think mosquitoes have a preference for a type of blood, because we sleep next to each other, but most of the time, I’m bite free and Paul is covered in them! 

Over the years we figured out how to keep them away from our heads when we are sleeping. A ventilator! It really works! Or I will try and catch them. Eight out of ten times I will find them and be able to remove them from the room. But what do you do when you actually get bitten? Well, there are a lot of remedies out there, but what works for me doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. You have to try it out yourself.

Things that didn’t work for us to stop the itch:

Applying toothpaste, electric shocks (with a zapper), After Bite, putting a cross into the bump with your finger nail, 

What does work for us to stop the itch?

Applying heat! Paul warms the back of a teaspoon and puts it on the place where he was bitten. It really helps to relieve the itch.

Let’s hope this Summer will be nicer when it comes to mosquitoes. What are your experiences with mosquitos? Are you like me or more like Paul? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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