Chocolate Banana Cakes – Sugar free & Flourless (including recipe)

This post will be short and sweet, just like my recipe. Yes, you guessed it right! It’s time for another dessert! After the butter curry, it’s nice to close the meal with a sweet treat! So this time I’m baking banana chocolate cakes. Completely sugar free and flourless! These cakes are an absolute treat and quite filling. It’s super easy/fast to make (10-15 minutes baking time), sugar free and flourless, and you only need 5 ingredients! Not too bad right?!

You can use any type of chocolate you prefer. I like darker chocolate, because it gives the cakes a richer flavor and they won’t be too sweet. If you like it sweet, no worries! I got you covered! Just swap the dark chocolate with milk chocolate. Now if you do have a sweet tooth, it’s possible to add a bit of sugar, but trust me, it’s really not necessary.

I hope you enjoy these little treats just as much as we did. Let me know what you think in the comment section below or give it a thumbs up if you liked them!

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