My Butter Seitan Curry (including 3 recipes)

What can I say, I LOVE curries!! I could eat it every day! It also reminds me of our trip to India, where we ate some really tasty curries. I’m actually pleasantly surprised how easy this butter curry was to make. It was done within 30 minutes. (okay, maybe 45 minutes including chopping the onion and mincing the garlic).

I will not say it’s a real traditional curry, but it’s good enough and really tasty!! We both cleared our plates! Now because we’re vegetarian, I made this butter ‘chicken’ with homemade seitan and served it with roti’s made from wheat flour. The flavor is not for everyone, but we really liked it. It tastes heavier than normal roti’s. It was also my first time trying seitan. Because I couldn’t find any seitan in the shops, I made my own! Curious how to make your own seitan? You can find the recipe here. If you don’t like seitan, you can also add tofu or any other meat substitute you like.

This curry was so easy to make and not time consuming at all. You need some basic spices for curry (cumin, coriander, curry, garam masala), a tin of tomatoes, cooking cream, butter, onion and garlic. That’s about it, and the end result is finger licking good! 

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below or press the ‘like’ button if you enjoyed it.

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