Dealing with back pain

Since I was about 8 years old I had therapy for my back. I did this until I was 13 -14 years old. I should have kept up with it, but you know being a teenager doesn’t really help. If I knew back then how much it would help me later in life, I maybe would have felt different about it. Because when you don’t really feel that anything is wrong, why would you do anything about it, right? Well, that was my stupid teenage brain, because I could have had a lot less problems right now if I’d listened. 

When the real problems started

Over the years (in my 30’s) I had some problems with my back, but nothing really serious. It felt stiff sometimes, or it hurt for a couple of days, but never so painful that I couldn’t do anything. Until last year. I think it was at the beginning of April. I wanted to grab something out of a cupboard, leaned forward and all of the sudden I felt an incredible pain and couldn’t move without feeling it. I literally started crying, it was that painful. I was standing at the kitchen counter thinking about how I could stand up and move. After 30 minutes I managed to make my way to the bathroom and with a lot of pain applied some Tiger Balm. It felt like a muscle had cramped up and was spasming. 

Paul had to help me in the next few days to get dressed. It was embarrassing, but I was so grateful he was there. He never complained, bless him. I could hardly lie in bed or come out, it was so weird experiencing this. I took a lot of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol to numb the pain and used loads of Tiger Balm (which really helped to relax the muscle). I looked on YouTube for some videos of physiotherapists that showed exercises on how to get rid of the pain and make the muscle better. This helped, but all and all it took me 2-3 weeks to become mobile again. Wow! That was quite the experience and I really hoped it wouldn’t happen again.

It happened again!

A couple of months ago, I stretched in bed and pulled another muscle. This time it felt like it was a different one (probably the sciatica nerve). The pain was unbearable. I tried to work (like I did last time), but during work I started to feel so sick that I had to stop. For the next 2 days, I could hardly get out of bed. I forced myself to start walking around, used an alternative for Tiger Balm, physio tape, and did some exercises in bed, and it felt like it was getting better. This time I was able to reduce it to 5-7 days. 

What caused it?

Bad posture for sure, and stress. With the online work we are doing and the traveling, we rely on what the accommodation provides. Most of the time not a proper desk and the beds aren’t always that great. We’ve had our share of misfortune in the last year, so being that stressed doesn’t help with relaxing the shoulders and neck.

What am I doing to prevent it from happening again?

At the moment I’m doing back exercises every day (with the help of YouTube videos – SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center). I can tell that it’s getting better. We also moved to a new apartment, and the bed is nice and firm, which is great for my back. I’m also trying to be more aware of relaxing my body, and I always carry Tiger Balm, Paracetamol and physio tape with me. It’s not always easy, but step by step it’s getting a bit better.

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4 thoughts on “Dealing with back pain

  1. Interesting that you use Tiger Balm Red! I also use that balm, albeit the White version.

    It works well for headaches, and I’ve turned to it whenever I experience migraine. I wouldn’t want to be dependent on painkillers — specifically NSAIDs — for headaches as they apparently cause health problems in the long run.

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    • I love red Tiger Balm for muscle pain/cramp, and I agree that the white one works really well for colds and head aches. And you are right, taking painkillers is only something that I would do when I have a lot of pain and I can’t handle it anymore (only Paracetamol).

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  2. I live with back pain, caused by landing on the ground hard a few times to many. I have broken my tailbone at least three times. I have some arthritis in the joint that joins the backbone to the pelvis. I do stretching exercises and back exercises daily. When I think I am too busy to exercise or stretch, I have the pain. Keep doing the exercises. Will look into the Tiger balm red.

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    • That sounds really intense! Exercises definitely help, but Tiger Balm is the only thing that helps to relax the nerve and makes it possible to move a bit. I really hope it has the same effect on you!❤

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