A night out in your 40’s

A short post today as I felt a bit uninspired the last couple of days and I’m writing this with a terrible headache. Oh, how you’ve got to love getting older. It seemed not that long ago when I could go out, enjoy a few drinks and still be fine the next day. Well, not anymore! What happened? All the signs point to getting older! When we still lived in the Netherlands, we liked going out for drinks. On an average night I drank 3-6 beers and was still okay the next day. Sure, I felt a bit tired, but headaches were not in my vocabulary. And the next day, I could easily do the same all over again. Oh, simpler times.

A night out in your 40's

So on Tuesday night we went out for a few drinks, and when I say a few drinks, I really mean a few drinks. I had 2 beers and 1 cocktail, spread out over 5 hours. Not too bad right?

Well… The next day I wish I hadn’t drank any of it. 

I woke up with a terrible headache and a weak stomach. Normally a headache would disappear during the day, but not this one! No, this one decided to keep me company the whole day!

Isn’t that nice?! Sometimes it lingers on so long that I experience what they call a 2 day hangover.

Unfortunately there’s no quick fix for a hangover. Just ride it out and hope it will be better soon. Sleeping, drinking lots of water and eating food that’s not too heavy on the stomach. Waking up like this really makes me wonder: Why do I drink at all? I mean, if it’s going to make me feel like this, what’s the point? 

What are your experiences with drinking alcohol? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

7 thoughts on “A night out in your 40’s

  1. Oh, I’m just 31 right now but when I drink — I feel like I’m twice my age when it comes to hangovers! The fact that I easily turn red with just a small amount of booze doesn’t help either.

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  2. I feel for you, Renee! Drinking in my twenties was a breeze. How we ever went out drinking and dancing night after night and went to work the next day is a wonder. I stopped drinking at 31 when I became pregnant with my son. In my forties … one drink would just about put me under the table. Fast forward to now. I’m 67 years old! I have no trouble hanging out with locals at the neighborhood pub and having two drinks over about three hours (just found out I could do this!). So, have hope. Your body might be rebelling now, but a few drinks with no ill effects may yet be in your future.

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    • Thanks Maddie, thanks for sharing your story. That’s actually very helpful to hear.🥰 It’s absolutely rebelling right now. I’m not a big drinker, but it’s still nice to enjoy a few glasses every now and then. I can only hope it will be the same for me.😊

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