Travel with Us

I like learning new things and get really excited about it. For hours, days, even weeks I can focus on this new thing and not wanting to do anything else. When I made the shorts, bag and purse, I sewed for 3 evenings straight until it was finished, and I actually felt a bit sad that I finished because I liked doing it so much. 

Starting a Travel Blog

A couple of days ago, Paul had the idea of putting all of our travels into a travel blog on Instagram and Facebook. That’s so cool! We’ve done a lot of traveling, so there’s a lot to tell and share. I came up with the name: ‘Travel with us’ and Paul had some really nice ideas for the titles of our posts. We wanted this to be something that we enjoy doing together, like making a really big photo album for our future. Over the last couple of days we reminisced about our early travels together and realized how much we’ve already seen, but also how much we still want to see. And believe me, that’s going to happen, hopefully really soon!

Our first post

Our first post is about our first trip together, we went on an all inclusive trip to Negril, Jamaica. The special part about this trip is that we actually didn’t know each other that well. Paul and I knew each other from the pub, but never really went out. We had a few nice chats while he worked, but weren’t in a relationship or even friendship. Back in 2011 I really wanted to go on a relaxed holiday, and I asked my friends on Facebook where to go: Cuba or Jamaica. After a few comments on my post, I received a private message, it was Paul! He asked me why he wasn’t invited. Uhm, well I told him he could come if he wanted… and he did!!!

Falling in love in Jamaica

Never in my wildest dream did I think he would say yes, but now all of the sudden I was going on a holiday with a guy I only knew from the pub!!  But somehow I had a feeling this was a good decision. On the trip we had so much fun and we fell in love. Paul still remembers that first moment when he knew he was falling for me. I was walking down the stairs into the pool. He was sitting at the pool bar and watched me walk towards him. Lucky for me back then I looked good in a bikini!!

Our travel blog is now live on Instagram and Facebook. Curious about our travel stories?

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