Friends Fanatic

Last week we bought some really cool ‘Friends’ coasters. Yes, you heard it right: ‘Friends’! It’s our favorite tv series and I honestly can’t remember how often we’ve watched all 10 seasons, but at least 15-20 times. Crazy right?! Paul knows almost all the lines of every episode. Strange hobby, but so much fun. We often quiz each other about episodes, and there is not one question he can’t answer, but my memory isn’t far as good as his. 

What is so special about Friends?

I mean, it’s a show about six people who sit in a coffee shop or at home, talking, arguing, and living their life, what’s so special about that? What I like about it is that it shows six normal people with their own quirks and struggles, just like you and me. Their characters are all so different that almost everyone can pick one that they can identify with.

Starting with the girls, you have neurotic Monica, spoiled Rachel, and loopy and crazy Phoebe. The guys are not too bright, but attractive Joey, sarcastic and funny Chandler, and clumsy and awkward with women Ross.

My favorite character

Without a doubt: Ross! He can’t handle himself around women, he’s funny, but also romantic. Every episode he does something to make me laugh. An awkward look, a comment he makes, it doesn’t matter what, I still laugh.

My favorite episode

I have many favorite episodes, and they all involve Ross. One of my favorite episodes is where he buys these leather pants for a date. When he goes to the bathroom, he can’t get them back up. When he tries to call one of his friends, Joey picks up and gives him the most horrible advice. He tries to get the pants up with talcum powder, and when that doesn’t work, he adds lotion. It becomes one paste. He tries it one more time, his hand slips and he slaps himself on the head. He eventually gives up and walks out of the bathroom with his pants in his hands and lets himself out of the girl’s apartment. Brilliant!!

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4 thoughts on “Friends Fanatic

  1. My favoriete is Phoebe, and the aflevering that she and Rachel are running! every time i have to run i think of(and sometimes act like) that and it is so fun to run crazy….

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    • Haha, yes love that one too! The way she runs! Oh my! I can imagine why Phoebe is your favorite. She is completely herself and doesn’t care what others think of her. 😀


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