Meat substitutes

As you know, we’ve been trying to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Today I want to share our experiences with meat substitutes. A couple of months ago I made my own veggie burgers and they were really nice, but we don’t always want to eat the same, so we had to think of something else. Eggs! That was our go to when I had no inspiration to think of a meat substitute. Boiled, poached, and deviled eggs. 

That got boring a lot faster than we anticipated, and we started to doubt if we could maintain this new lifestyle, until … We found vegan ‘meat’ in the freezer section of the supermarket! Awesome! The first thing we tried were veggie burgers made out of green veggies. They were actually really nice! We also found veggie fingers. They tasted very similar to fish fingers, but without the fish of course. This lifestyle is starting to feel a lot more maintainable, because we started to struggle a lot!  

This week I was walking around in a different supermarket and found ‘chicken’ burgers and schnitzels. Not as healthy as I would like, but it’s nice to have other options. The schnitzels were surprisingly nice, and strangely enough tasted like chicken! Who would have thought! The burgers were not as nice as I hoped. Very dense, and not a lot of flavor. But all and all we can’t complain! I prefer not to eat too much ‘junk food’ (processed food), but it’s nice to have something in the freezer when we don’t have a lot of time to cook. 

The downside of these options is that they tend to be quite expensive. Eventually I want to try to make my own vegan/vegetarian ‘chicken’ and ‘meatballs’, but without a food processor/steamer that will be somewhat challenging. However, I am motivated to try and will keep you updated on the progress.

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10 thoughts on “Meat substitutes

  1. I was vegetarian for six to eight months. I was having medical problems and put on a very strict diet to rule out possible causes. I could not have anything processed as well. I read every food label on everything I bought for groceries. I had looked at vegan “meat” products and found they were full of things I could not eat on the diet. There are a lot of “stuff” put into the food, especially processed or ready to eat foods. I now buy fresh whole fruits and vegetables, and I raise my own meat. Eating truly healthy is time consuming and more expensive. The fact you travel makes food a more complex situation. Good luck in learning to make your own.

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    • Oh wow, that sounds really challenging! Happy to hear you found a way into your diet that works. 😊
      I agree on the processed stuff, not a big fan either as they contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients. And you are right, it’s very time consuming to eat healthy.
      Thank you! When we move to our next destination, I want to learn how to make vegan ‘chicken’. 😋


      • With the internet, there are so many recipes. When I was put on the special diet, internet was just getting started, not readily available. I enjoy “recipe shopping” with the use of the internet.


  2. Fantastic post! There’s this meat substitute I personally vouch for. It’s called Quorn, and it’s made from yeast that is the byproduct of the beer brewing process. (Though it’s not 100% vegan due to its use of egg white as a binder — but there reportedly is a version that uses potato starch.) I don’t know if it’s available where you are, though.

    (Also, many thanks for following The Monching’s Guide!) 🙂

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