During our travels all over the world, I can say we have a lot of experience traveling by taxi. That is why I wanted to share a few tips with you, that can help you on your travels.

As you know by now, Paul and I are remote workers. We travel and work all over the world. Every 2-3 months, we travel to a new destination. Because of the pandemic, we didn’t like traveling with public transportation anymore, that is why we started traveling by (private) taxi.

Private taxi

Whenever we travel to a new country that is within a 7-8 hour driving distance, we prefer to book a private taxi. Honestly, it is a lot nicer than traveling by plane. It’s less stressful, tiresome, and the price is about the same or even cheaper!

It’s important to do your own research. Look online for private taxi companies, read the reviews and look at the prices for the route you want to take. By comparing the prices of different companies, you can easily save anywhere between 10-60 euros!! And when you know you’re going to stay in the same area for a while (like we are doing in South-East Europe), it can also be handy to ask the driver if he can do rides to other countries as well. At least you have someone you know (which makes the journey a lot nicer), you can trust and you don’t have the stress of finding a new company.

Public taxi

Okay, we all experience rip-offs of taxi companies, where they charge you double, or even triple from the normal price. Yes, it happened to us as well (more than I would like to admit). That is why I am sticking with taxi apps. We all know Uber, but unfortunately this is not available in every country. Fortunately there are a lot of local taxi apps on Google Play, or you can download them via their website. Not all of them will be in English, but they are not that difficult to figure out as they work very similar to Uber.

It also goes for public taxis: ‘Do your own research’ Not every company is as good or trustworthy. You can find a lot of helpful tips online. But to help you out, I made a list of a few good taxi apps that we’ve been using while traveling around.

  • Malaysia – Grab taxi app
  • Vietnam – FastGo app
  • Italy – Uber
  • Spain – Uber
  • Montenegro – Yes Taxi app
  • Serbia (Belgrade) – Pink taxi
  • Serbia (Nis) – Prvi Taxi app
  • Skopje – Cammeo
  • Kosovo (Pristina) – SH / Shoferi IM Taxi

This app is not available in your country

Don’t worry that happened to me as well. You can create a new profile on Google Play for this country, by using a vpn (make sure to get a strong vpn that can unblock sites, like Nordvpn or Express vpn), or change the country on your existing profile. You can only do this once a year!

I chose the easier way: creating a new profile (I used a new Gmail account and a vpn). It was done in a couple of minutes. After that you can download the app with no problems.

Enjoy your travels and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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