Support the locals

Whenever we go to a new country or city we love to explore! The motto we live by is ‘pay it forward’, for traveling this means that we want to support local businesses when we visit a new city. We always try to go local. In the first weeks we find a few places we like and stick with what we know, because we want to feel at home, but in the last weeks we always  go out and venture a bit more.

Paul loves having a local place to go to, where people know your name, what you drink and who you are. I prefer to stay a bit more anonymous and like to explore other places to go to. It’s a good combination, because it is important to connect with others, but also to discover new places.

One of the things I do is go to Google Maps and type in the key word that I’m looking for like: coffee, pool, vegetarian restaurant, etc. Then I go through the list of businesses and look at photos, reviews and distance. 

Important when you look at reviews to see how old they are, the pictures and if there is a negative one, why it was negative. People are different. We look for different things, and what made the experience negative for them, doesn’t necessarily mean it would be negative for us. Read between the lines! Sometimes it takes a lot of time, but I think it’s fun, because we have discovered a lot of nice, small local businesses by doing this. And visiting these places have always made our stay a lot nicer!

A few of some really nice local places that we’ve found in the last year:

  • Good coffee and cake: Cozy coffee & more – Pristina
  • Vegetarian lunch: Matcha Coffee and Eatery – Pristina
  • Best homemade pasta: Pelister – Skopje
  • Amazing cocktails: Speakeasy bar – Skopje
  • Wide variety of craft beers: Glam Café – Dubrovnik

What are your favorite local places? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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