The value of friendship

A short post today, because friendship for me is very simple. What I’ve learned about friendship is that not all of them will last and that’s okay. A couple of years ago, a woman told me that we meet people at a certain moment in our lives, when we have something to learn from each other. When that is done, most of the time you move on, because the connection you had in the beginning is gone. Which is a good thing, because you both got something out of this friendship. If fulfilled its purpose.

That doesn’t mean you can’t have or develop a deeper connection with people, but it just doesn’t happen with everyone.

My most valuable friendships happened very naturally, without any effort. I wasn’t looking for a friend, but somehow ended up with one, and I am so grateful for that. I also noticed that sometimes we parted ways a bit, because of different stages in our lives, but the core friendship is always there.

How do you know when you have a valuable friendship?

I know that I have found a real friend when that person is not afraid to be honest with me. Tell me how it is, sharing what is bothering them, etc. For me it means they want to deepen our relationship by showing themselves for who they are and wanting to get to know me.

Life isn’t all about being happy, what things we have, or what we do on the weekends, it’s also about the things that make life hard. Being able to talk about or share that with someone is so important. My friends have been there with me throughout it all. The good times and especially the bad times, and they always had my back! They were there to listen, but also tell me honestly when I was making a big mess of things, and I love them for that! That is to me what makes a good friend!

Being understanding 

Also very important qualities of being a good friend. Let’s face it, we ALL make mistakes, but when you do make one, nothing is worse than the other person making you feel even worse about it. Of course you are allowed to say that it sucks, that you are angry or disappointed, but also being understanding and forgiving. Just be there when it counts the most. I am lucky enough to have a few people in my life that are true friends. I am a very blessed person.

Who are your most important friends and why? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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    • I am so sorry to hear that Bella!😢 But happy to hear that you are rebuilding your life! 🥰 Sending you a lot of love! 💕 And thank you. It’s nice to hear that you enjoyed reading my post.☺️

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