My journey on becoming a vegetarian – Part 2

Over a month in, and we are doing surprisingly well! I haven’t thought about meat or missed it at all. I never really cared for fish, so I knew that one was easy! I expected Paul to struggle a bit more (he really loves bacon and fish), but he is also doing very well.

I think, because we are not too hard on ourselves, is the reason that made this journey doable (so far). Of course it’s hard to think of new recipes all the time, and they are not always a success, but it’s the effort that counts! And more importantly, we are in this together and that makes it so much easier!

Are we noticing a big difference in how we feel? Not really, but some small changes are noticeable. We haven’t felt bloated after eating a meal, we feel less hungry during the day and seem to have a bit more energy.

Are we ready to become vegan?

Not yet. This is already such a big change, and we are still finding our way into being a vegetarian. We both love cheese, yogurt and eggs, and are not willing to give this up. Every now and then I will try a vegan recipe, but it’s a lot of work because the ingredients are not easy to find (or are very expensive). Especially for travelers. I mean, I can’t travel around with all these different ingredients in my bag and it becomes really expensive if we have to keep buying them whenever we go to a new destination. Also, in some countries it is really challenging to find the right ingredients for a vegan diet.

Conclusion: we like being a vegetarian, but that’s where it stops for now.

What is our favorite recipe so far?

Well, we love the recipe for my vegetarian burgers and roasted tomato soup! Every week we eat the tomato soup and the burgers once every 2 weeks. It is such a treat! If you have missed these recipes, you can find the veggie burgers here, and the roasted tomato soup here.

What is your favorite (easy) vegetarian recipe? Share your thoughts and/or recipes in the comment section below!

7 thoughts on “My journey on becoming a vegetarian – Part 2

    • Thank you and you are right. It is not easy to change diet, especially to become a vegan, but no doubt you will get there!🥰
      I will get used to being a vegetarian first 😁

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