My roasted tomato soup

A short post today, as I am going to share a recipe for tomato soup with you! As a child I didn’t really like soup. I mean, we ate soup, but it was never my favorite meal. It felt like it wasn’t a ‘real’ meal. I like hearty meals. That is probably why my father’s tomato soup was the exception. It was a thick and creamy soup filled with little meatballs and pasta. 

Before I chose to become a vegetarian, I cooked pretty standard things like meat, potatoes and vegetables (very Dutch), burritos, pasta bolognese, lasagna, or some varieties of this. Nothing special, but tasty. With this whole ‘let’s try and be a vegetarian’ thing I have to rethink our standard evening meals, but I like it, because it has given me a lot of new ideas! 

I am a spontaneous cook. I don’t overthink my meals too much and I like it when they are healthy and easy to make. Often I just look in the fridge and cupboards, to see what is there and then try and make something nice out of it. We both have busy jobs, which means there isn’t a lot of time to cook, and because we travel frequently, we never know what kind of kitchen appliances Airbnb offers, and most of the time it’s not a lot! That kind of limits us in what we can do, so a week ago we bought a hand mixer. Perfect, because it makes everything a lot easier and it fits in our bag. 

Last Thursday I used our new hand mixer for the first time and made this really nice roasted tomato soup with some leftover stuff. It was so easy to make and very tasty, that I wanted to share it with you. You can find the recipe here

Let me know what you think of this recipe in the comment section below.

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