More cupcakes please!

It’s funny how taste can change. As an adult I never really cared for cakes and sweets. I always preferred savory snacks (still do), but there is something about cupcakes that makes me feel happy inside.

My obsession with cupcakes started a couple of years ago. When we just started traveling, we lived in Malaysia for a while. On the other side of our apartment in Kuala Lumpur there was this amazing cake shop where they sold cupcakes. One day, after doing my groceries, I thought, let’s have a look inside. There I saw a window full with all of these different cupcakes. I walked back to the apartment and said to Paul that I really wanted to try these! He was up for it, so I went back. Not that I needed his permission, but we try to live a healthy lifestyle and sometimes it helps when a person says no. To fight temptation, because let’s be honest, cupcakes aren’t really healthy, are they?! Oh Paul, why did you let me buy them?

So I went back and bought 4 different cupcakes, 2 red velvet and 2 other ones. We sliced them in half so we could try each flavor. Oh oh! I think we made a mistake! These are so unbelievably delicious! They are fluffy, light, and the cream cheese frosting! Oh my! We have to buy more!!! And so we did!

Every Wednesday for 3 months, we bought cupcakes and enjoyed them with some coffee while watching Friends (my favorite program!). Probably gained a few pounds as well, but I regret nothing!!

After this experience I was sold! Cupcakes are my favorite type of cakes! Every time when we visit a new city or country I go cupcake hunting! Or WE go cupcake hunting! Paul is always so happy (not!) when I drag him with me on my cupcake hunt! To my surprise it isn’t that easy to find cupcakes in certain countries, and when you do, they do not always taste that good. I couldn’t find them in Vietnam, Thailand, Borneo, Italy, or Montenegro, but I tried them in Spain, Serbia, Croatia, and Kosovo. A lot of these countries use whipped cream as frosting. Very sweet and the structure is just too soft. The cupcakes themselves were very bland in flavor and the structure quite dense. 

I dream of cupcakes!

Yes, I am a bit of a freak when it comes to cupcakes!

If you ever have the chance to go to Kuala Lumpur, you have to try cupcakes from a place called: Miss Shortcakes!

Do you like cupcakes? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

13 thoughts on “More cupcakes please!

  1. I love cupcakes 🧁, preferably flavours of coconut, vanilla, almond or anything fruity like passion fruit, raspberry, orange.
    I like Lola’s Cupcakes, although to be honest, the experience hasn’t been a consistent one. Sometimes, they’re way too sweet.

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  2. I love cupcakes, and I make them with cream cheese frostings. I only bake them for holidays, as I am seriously loosing weight. A cupcake is the perfect size for a snack and there is nothing leftover you feel guilty about wasting.

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    • Good for you! 🙂 And that is my favorite type of frosting! Awesome that you make them yourself! And you are absolutely right! It is the perfect size for a snack! If you have any good recipes … ❤

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  3. I love love cupcakes!
    They are so delicious!!!
    There is this place called “Glenns Bakehouse” and my do they have the most delicious red velvet cupcakes! No one does red velvet cupcakes better than them according to me! And their chocolate cupcakes are yum too!!

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