Where do I go when I need solitude?

This is today’s prompt on day 27 of Bloganuary. That means 4 more days to go, so almost there! I can honestly say that it has been a fun challenge so far to participate, but also a challenging one. Sometimes it’s hard to write about a given topic when you don’t feel inspired about it. On the other hand it also gave me a chance to discover: my writing style, topics that I like (or don’t like) writing about, but also that I don’t find it necessary to write a post every single day. It has taught me a lot. If you are a bit like me, you don’t want to have to write a post every day because you have to, you want to do it because it is fun to do! 

Me time!

Well, with the Covid-19 situation and all, it is hard to find some solitude. Working from home, you are never really alone. I am actually surprised that I haven’t been needing a lot of solitude. You would expect being together with someone for 24/7, almost 3 years straight, would become a bit of an issue, but it hasn’t. 

Paul and I have found a nice rhythm together, and we are also really good mates, not only partners. That helps a lot! Don’t get me wrong, we both sometimes can ‘stick each other behind the wallpaper’ (this is a Dutch saying: ‘Ik kan je wel achter het behang plakken!’ Something/someone you actually love but have had enough of for a while at that moment.) We try to give each other some space. 

Does that mean I do not need a moment of solitude at all? Of course I do! These days I find some solitude while having a nice hot shower (or bath), some pampering time (face masks and footbaths), or have a walk over to the supermarket! I don’t know why, but doing groceries is something I like to do. Yep! I know I am a weird one!

Where do you go when you need a bit of solitude? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

8 thoughts on “Where do I go when I need solitude?

  1. You’re not alone with the grocery thing!
    I’ve said this many time before but Grocery shopping is my favourite kind of shopping!
    And sometimes I just like shopping by myself.. perusing the products at leisure.. just walking down the aisles and looking at all that pops of colours!
    It’s fun but also comforting! Especially when you know exactly where the product is!!

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  2. The shower is one place my worries disappear for sure. Washing dishes is where I am able to collect some thoughts and plan a day. Nobody bothers you washing dishes. Of course a lot of people have an appliance to wash dishes, I still wash them by hand. Nice post.

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