Why is it so hard to remember dreams?

I always wonder if it is true what they say about dreams being unprocessed feelings. That the faces you see in your dreams are really the faces of people you’ve seen while walking on the street. I find dreaming fascinating and always look forward to having one! It definitely makes sleeping a lot more enjoyable! Only when you have a good one of course! Nothing is worse than waking up after a bad dream and remembering it! 

So why is it that we remember the bad dreams a lot better than the good ones? When I’ve had a good dream, I always remember them for the first couple of minutes after waking up, but a few minutes later the memory is completely gone! 

Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I keep my eyes closed, hoping I can hold on to the dream I was having, because I want to ‘finish’ it. Sounds familiar? What I love about dreams is that quite often they make no sense and are so cluttered. Even though I do not remember the majority of my dreams, I will share a few odd dreams that I do remember with you. 

In one dream I am standing in a room, just talking with a person (that has no face), enjoying the conversation, having a good time and all of the sudden I am alone in a coffee place, drinking a lychee flavored coffee with mint and whipped cream! And that is what I remembered when I woke up: the weird flavored coffee!! I mean, how random is that and it makes absolutely no sense!

In another dream of mine I am running, for no clear reason, but I know I feel scared! Then my dream takes a sudden turn and here I am, lying in bed, my teeth are feeling loose and start falling out!! I am thinking (in the dream) that this can’t happen for real and wake up, only to find out that ALL of my teeth are missing! Wasn’t it a dream after all? After feeling the panic I fortunately woke up for real! Phew! I would not want to miss my teeth!!

As you can read, there is no logic in my dreams (at least not the ones I remember), and a lot of chaos! Why can’t dreams just be about lying on a beach somewhere with a cocktail and feeling all relaxed?

What do you remember dreaming about? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

6 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to remember dreams?

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  2. Oo, the smell thing. Very common! It feels so vivid!
    And about remembering dreams, I think if you have a morning routine.. like the times I wake up and go straight to brush my teeth, without checking my phone- I most often do remember!!

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