Baking attempt number 2: Banana oat cookies!

Today’s prompt is ‘What book is next on your reading list?’. I am not really a big reader, that is why I am going to (hopefully) entertain you with my second baking attempt! In one of my previous posts I shared my (failed) attempt of baking banana oat muffins. They were edible, but because of some errors in the measurements, they didn’t taste that great. 

So, that is why this is attempt number two! Banana oat cookies!!! As you can see, I use bananas and oats a lot when I bake. Apparently this combination is used quite often for simple and healthy baking. So let’s get started!

First I make sure I have all my ingredients ready to go: ripe bananas, rolled oats, honey, butter, salt, raisins and white chocolate chunks. Okay, mixing the butter, rolled oats, honey and mashed bananas together, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. In the meantime I preheat the oven and rip off a piece of baking paper.

All set! Ten minutes later I mix the rest of the ingredients through the mixture, leaving a few chocolate chunks on the side to sprinkle the cookies with.

Next, I take a spoon, put a scoop of the mixture in my hand and start rolling it into a ball. Or at least, that was the plan. Hmm, the mixture doesn’t feel quite right. It doesn’t want to stick together very well and it feels very wet. Not again!!

Let’s see if I can go full MacGyver on these cookies! I pat them a bit more into a ball instead of rolling and put them on the baking tray. After I placed all the balls on the tray, I tried to flatten them into a cookie shape with a spoon and my fingers. They start to look more like proper cookies, that’s promising. It will do! I put the leftover chocolate on top of the cookies and put the tray in the oven. I set the timer for 15-20 minutes. 

Something is starting to smell really nice!!! I am getting hungry!

Yes! They are done! I take them out, put them on the kitchen counter and look proudly at my cookies. After they cooled down it was time to taste! I bit a chunk off the cookie and ate it. Okay, not too bad! It is a bit on the sweet side (I should have used dark chocolate), but not too bad! We actually finished almost all of them. 

After baking with similar ingredients twice, I do realize that rolled oats are not my favourite baking ingredients. 

My final judgment on baking attempt number two? SUCCESS!!!

Feel like trying this recipe? Click here

Hmmm, what shall I bake next? 

11 thoughts on “Baking attempt number 2: Banana oat cookies!

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  2. Pingback: Baking attempt number 2: Banana oat cookies – Bloganuary

  3. Well done for trying…I have been baking bread since the start of Covid and sometimes it was better than others …50 loaves later Its now perfect every time so persistence does pay off with baking as does measuring everything correctly :)Yeah to more cookies!

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