More than halfway into Bloganuary! It is day 17 and today’s prompt is: ‘What is a superpower you’d love to have?’ This reminds me of a joke Paul and I share since we have been together (over 10 years). We were sitting on the couch, talking a bit, and suddenly he asked: ‘If you could have one superpower, what would it be?’. ‘What a cool question!’ I thought, so I answered: ‘doing magic! And what is yours?’

Nothing could have prepared me for his reaction. (Remember that we were just dating and at that time you want to leave a good impression on your new boyfriend.) Before he answered my question, he started laughing very loudly and asking me if I was joking. I said: ‘Of course not!. Why?’ 

He said that pulling a rabbit out of a hat or doing card tricks was hardly a superpower and almost rolled off the couch laughing. Oh no! That was not what I meant at all!

Paul is English and I am Dutch. Somehow my answer got lost in translation, because in Dutch doing magic means that you have powers, like a witch or wizard. using a magic wand, blinking their eyes or snapping their fingers, but in English it means that you can do tricks like a magician. Card tricks, pulling rabbits out of a hat, and so on.

I said to him: ‘Now why would I choose this as a superpower Paul? That doesn’t make any sense!’ But it was too late for any further explanation! Paul had already engraved my answer in his mind and to this day, he never fails to remind me of this moment, and he still teases me about it. His answer was a lot better. He chose teleportation. In my mind you could do that as well if you could do magic, but I don’t think we will agree on this one! He likes teasing me too much!

As I rethink my answer from 10 years ago, what would my superpower be now? Still doing magic! 


12 thoughts on “Magic!

  1. And as an American, when I think of magic, I think more of spirituality — creating magic with positive thoughts, which I do each day.
    And a funny side note, I have a new friend who is Korean. We were chatting on the phone the other day about true friendships versus fair-weathered friends. I said, “I like friends of high quality” (meaning caring, thoughtful, reliable) but she translated it as “friends who have high status.” She said, “Oh no! I have friends from all walks of life.” I laughed so hard at her interpretation of what I said because I’m not snobby at all! I explained and hope she understands. I am so embarrassed! 🙂

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    • Haha, that is so funny! I love it when words get lost in translation like that! No doubt she understood and nothing to be embarrassed for!

      And positivity is the best kind of magic!💕


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