Paying it forward

So today’s prompt is: ‘What is a cause you’re passionate about and why?’ 

Mine is to pay it forward! I wouldn’t describe it as a cause exactly, but being respectful, helpful, understanding, forgiving and positive towards others is so important to me. Everyone makes mistakes in their life, I am no exception, and we need to make these mistakes to grow as a person. 

When I make a mistake I hope that others will be understanding and not judge me too hard. I don’t intentionally make these mistakes, and by being understood and forgiven, it helps me to learn from my mistakes and grow as a person. I would do the same for them, because we all have lessons to learn in life, nobody is perfect (thank goodness!). If we weren’t allowed to make mistakes, then how can we grow? The world is already a tough place as it is and making it harder for each other can’t be the purpose of being here. (That is just my ‘modest’ opinion.)

Understand, listen and forgive

When I was younger I found it really hard to understand why people couldn’t forgive each other after a fall out/argument. During my childhood I experienced some people close to me being in some serious fights with each other, sometimes resulting in not seeing each other for years! I saw the pain it caused on both sides, and asked myself what I would do in a similar situation? 

Now, I am not here to judge them, or deny their feelings, but I knew that I would want to do things differently. It forced me to look at my own arguments from a different perspective. I do not want to lose contact with people just because I or they made a mistake. I choose to talk it over, forgive and to love, not to hate!

It made my life so much better! I am not saying it is easy, because of course my feelings get hurt at times, but I try to look past the initial argument and see where it really comes from. To see the real truth behind it. To be understanding. They might be stressed because of work, family, or other reasons that have nothing to do with me. Or if it does have something to do with me, I hope they will be honest about it, so I can do something about it. I am not perfect by any means and believe self reflection is important! 

It takes ONE person who is willing to see past it and see them who they really are: a person in pain, a person misunderstood. 

By being understanding, listening and forgiving, you allow them to grow. I would want them to do the same. My way of looking at this is probably perceived as a bit naïve, but I like it and believe it is possible.

What would you do?

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