Very important life lessons to learn

Okay, my post today is a very important one. I have experienced a lot of things in life that are worth sharing, and I don’t want to deny you of this knowledge! That is why I am sharing these very important life lessons with you, hoping you can benefit from them! (please do not take this post too seriously!)

Life lesson 1: Never rub your eyes after slicing chili peppers!

It stings! Wear gloves, let other people slice them for you, or do not use fresh chili peppers at all.

Life lesson 2: Do not let your boyfriend tickle you while holding a knife

It is dangerous! When using sharp objects, put him in front of the television with a nice cold beer, so you can keep an eye on him.

Life lesson 3: Don’t forget to put the washing on when you don’t have any clean underwear left

It is awkward! Wear your boyfriend’s underwear or no underwear at all.

Life lesson 4: Check if you have to pee before a long journey without bathroom breaks

It is uncomfortable! Go to the bathroom before a long journey or wear a maxi pad!

Life lesson 5: When buying shoes, check if you have 1 left and 1 right shoe. (I bought 2 left shoes.)

It is not recommended and very uncomfortable! Try them both on and make sure you put 1 left shoe and 1 right shoe back in the box.

As you can see, these are very important life lessons to learn. My life became so much better knowing this. So remember them well and do not make the same mistakes I did! 

Tell me. Which important life lessons did you learn?

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