What would my ideal day look like?

Day 13 of Bloganuary and today’s prompt is: ‘What does your ideal day look like?’. First thing that comes to mind: ‘Does an ideal day exist?’. I mean, what may be an ideal day for me now, isn’t going to be an ideal day in a couple of years. As we get older, we grow and change, as will our take on life. I never really gave it any thought.

My take on an ideal day

As I am writing this, I still don’t really know what my ideal day would be, but this would be my take on it!

I would love to wake up naturally by the daylight shining through the window of our beach hut, and while looking out of the window, seeing the ocean and feeling the ocean breeze. 

The first thing I would feel while stepping outside to enjoy the view, is the sand between my toes. I would have a nice breakfast with lots of fresh fruits and a big coconut filled with coconut water.

After breakfast I would dip into the calm ocean for a while and enjoy the clarity of the water. In our garden would be a big hammock under the palmtrees and a big natural outside shower. Of course, there would be an outside bar as well where all of our friends and family would hang out with us, listen to reggae music and deep house and drink some refreshing beers on the beach.

We would dip in the ocean a couple more times and have a nice bbq on the beach with the fish we caught earlier that day. After that we would dance, laugh, talk and just be present in the moment with all of our loved ones around us.

But wait! This sounds really familiar! Did I already have my ideal day? I did! It was 5 years ago. Let me take you back to 2016

My ideal day

It was somewhere in 2016. Paul and I travelled to Cambodia and went to an island called: Koh Rong Samloem. We had to take a boat from Sihanoukville to the island. On the pier a guy was waiting for us to bring us with a smaller boat to our beach hut. Yes, you read it right, a beach hut!

On this island there were no roads, cars, motorcycles or big houses. Only the ocean, a beach, huts and the jungle.  

When we woke up in the morning, the first thing we would hear was the ocean. As soon as we looked outside, that is what we saw! Wonderful! Then we had a shower and headed out for breakfast. This was served in the hut next to ours and consisted of fresh fruit, coconut water and eggs. We ate our breakfast while looking at the ocean and hearing nothing else but the sound of the ocean. Then it was time for a swim and a walk down the beach! It was so calm and peaceful!

We filled our day by relaxing in a hammock on the water line, going snorkeling, long beach walks and lots of dips into the beautiful clear water!

In the evenings we had dinner, enjoyed our surroundings and went over to the Octopussy bar. The only bar on the island and enjoyed some refreshing beers and cocktails! We danced, laughed and had fun with the people at the bar.

After a wonderful day we went to bed and hit repeat for the next 7 days! It was heaven!

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