My love for photography

Since I was a teenager I always loved taking pictures, but in those days a digital camera didn’t exist. Developing pictures wasn’t cheap either. You couldn’t check your photos straight away after taking them, and I didn’t want to take the risk of spending all that money on failed photos, because believe me, that happened more often than I wanted! The anticipation of waiting until the pictures were developed (it could take up to a week!!), only to find out that my finger was over the lens and I ruined half of my pictures! 

During my time as a hairdresser, every now and then, I had to go on multiple day training, where I had to photograph a lot. My father had this amazing Minolta camera and he lent it to me. I had no idea how to use it, but figured I just had to aim it at the object and press the button. And it worked! The quality wasn’t great, but it felt amazing having a camera around my neck.

After the introduction of the smartphone, I took pictures of almost everything! I still do and if I say so myself, they turn out quite well! I just love landscapes, flowers, beautiful buildings, and more. I can’t pick a favourite, because there is beauty to find in almost anything.

My first ‘real’ camera!

In August last year, just before my 40th birthday, I finally decided to take a photography course. Never really had a hobby before, so why not start one? So I enrolled myself in an online course and bought my first real camera! A Sony A6000 with a 18-200 lens. 

This camera is special to me because I bought it with my fathers inheritance money. It feels like he is always with me. A very comforting thought. Unfortunately, I had to pause my course for a couple of months, starting up Paul’s business,  but I am slowly easing my way back into it.

There is still a lot to learn, but you have to start somewhere!

Photos with my Sony A6000

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