Five things that I am grateful for today

Sounds easy enough to answer! Hmm, but why is it so hard to think of examples? Do you recognize this? The easiest questions are often the hardest ones to answer.

A lot of things that people say they are grateful for, I see as everyday things that are ‘normal’. Not something I have to be grateful for. Reading back on this, it sounds a bit pretentious and horrible. So I am going to hit the ‘reset’ button and tell you what I am grateful for today!

1. Sleeping through the night! (yes, Paul snores)

Win! A night without any wood chopping noises! I felt energized waking up this morning because I finally had a good night’s sleep! What a difference! (although I do have to admit that I snore as well.)

2. Snow!

Outside of our apartment in Skopje

While I was working I received a message from Paul, who was working in the bedroom. It said: ‘Look outside’. I did and saw it snowed! I love snow! It makes me happy and appreciate nature’s beauty!

3. My students!

I am an online Dutch teacher and enjoy this very much. My students give me energy by learning my language and motivate me with their enthusiasm to keep doing what I love.

4. My mother!

Text from ,my Mom

She is awesome! We called today and had such a nice conversation. She still lives in the Netherlands, while I continue to travel the world. It has been like this for almost 3 years, and it is one of the highlights of my day when I talk to her and am able to see her.

5. Tonight’s dinner!

Yes, another attempt to cook! Don’t worry, this time it turned out quite good! I am grateful that I am able to eat the food I enjoy.

Curious about the recipe? Click here.

So tell me. What are you grateful for today?

5 thoughts on “Five things that I am grateful for today

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  2. You teach Dutch! What’s THAT like? My guess is that the pronunciation is a killer for students, when I hear Dutch it feels like it comes out of the throat and the words look really long. (In Japanese, there are no word breaks in a sentence, everything blends together, so it is very challenging to learn to read — and Chinese even more so.)

    Nice post.

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