Do I have an opinion?

With the rise of social media, people can give their opinion about almost anything. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it opens a discussion and that is where we learn more about the situation, ourselves and others. But sometimes it can be a bit too much and exhausting, reading or hearing all of these different opinions. Is it really that important to give an opinion about everything? Choosing the right moment to share my opinion is what I try to do. 

This results sometimes in people thinking that I don’t have my own opinion, because I don’t give my opinion about a lot of things. They find that weird. 

Of course, I have an opinion. I just choose to not always share it. Simply for the fact that I find it important that people can share their opinion with me, and talk about what they find important, without judging or advising. 

Listening is key! It feels nice when someone just listens to you, instead of giving you their opinion. Problems do not always have to be solved, sometimes listening can be enough.

People that are close to me, probably do not recognize that I don’t share my opinion. My opinion can be strong, don’t get me wrong, but it always comes from a good place. 

A couple of weeks ago I had a nice conversation with my older sister. She said at the beginning of the conversation that she just wanted me to listen, not give my opinion or ideas about what I would do in this situation. She had a point. 

I am not looking for a solution, I just want you to listen

It is harder when people are closer to you, because you want to help them. You don’t want them to feel bad or get hurt. But most of the time we forget to listen.

So ask yourself: ‘Do I really listen or do I give my unasked opinion?’.

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