What makes me laugh?

Not an easy question for me, because even though I love to laugh, it is actually hard for me to laugh. Looking through my photo albums I can’t find one picture where I am not ‘posed’ smiling or laughing. There are not a lot of things that make me laugh in a genuine way, I can’t fake laugh when I don’t find something funny, but once I start laughing I can’t stop. At least you’ll know that when I laugh, it is always genuine!

There are so many different types of laughs. One of my favourite laughs is the ‘ugly crying face’ laugh. My face positions itself in ways I didn’t even think were possible. I have no control over it! And if that isn’t ugly enough, I start crying as well and show a lot of gums. So imagine a face that gets all wrinkled up, with a ‘horsy’ smile and a lot of tears! 

Well if that face doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will!

So what makes me laugh?

Do you know the show: ‘Impractical Jokers?’. It is an American hidden camera show with improvisational elements. These 4 lifelong friends have to do challenges. When they get a thumbs up, they succeed, and when they get a thumbs down, they fail. The one that loses the most challenges has to undergo a punishment.

There was one episode where they all lost and they had to undergo a ‘haircut punishment’. They had to pick haircuts for each other. It started off quite mild, where the first person, Joe, got a ‘Michael Bolton’ look. The second one, Q, was already a bit worse, he got his hair permed, bleached and dyed carrot orange. 

The third friend, Sal, got a shaved lane in the middle and across his head, with blond highlights. 

But the fourth and final one, Murray, was the funniest of all! He started to bald quite young and his friends like to tease him with this. So they decided to shave his whole head, except a small bit in the front and on the sides. Around this time of the episode I am almost rolling over the floor laughing. When writing this post, I watched it again, and it still makes me laugh so much!

Curious about this episode and ready for a laugh? I added the link here.

Looking back on the things that make laugh. They are actually really silly. Planned humor doesn’t work for me. I like unexpected humor. Something a person says or does. 

People have different types of humor. So I am wondering: What makes you laugh?

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