I wish I knew how to make banana oat muffins!

My post today will be a bit more light-hearted than the one from yesterday. Like most people there are a lot of things I wish I knew how to do. For example, how to sing, dance, act, predict the weather, or even how to write a blog! 

But I do not focus too much on what I wish I knew, but try and learn on how to. I believe that if you want to know how to do something, you are able to figure it out.

At the moment I am trying to eat healthier and adopt a healthier lifestyle. That means I have to educate myself about good nutrition and workouts that work for me. 

Oh, I wish I took pictures from the many failed attempts of my healthy cooking! But I am having fun with it. Learning something new is all about trial and error. Without making mistakes you will not learn how to do it. Let me share a recent attempt at cooking something healthy.

Two days ago I tried to make banana oat muffins. I found a nice recipe on the internet and they looked yummy! The lady on YouTube made it seem so easy. Just mix a few ingredients together, put it for 20 minutes in the oven and done. Piece of cake! Or that is what I thought! 

I wrote down the recipe, bought the ingredients I needed and was ready to make some delicious muffins! I converted the measurements to grams and milliliters, mixed everything together and was ready to put the mixture in the muffin tray. 

At the end of mixing everything together it didn’t really look the same as on the YouTube video. I was left with something that looked like baby vomit. Oh dear! 

After carefully recalculating the measurements I made a mistake with how much milk I had to add. I added 350 milliliter instead of 250 milliliter. Oops… 

What to do now?! I had no oats left, so I tried to mush up a very unripe banana to thicken it a bit. Didn’t really work. With a strainer I drained off a bit of milk and hoped for the best. 

They looked quite decent when I took them out of the oven.

Not too bad! I took a bite from the first one, and it didn’t taste like bananas at all! Just oat flavor with a wet texture. With a big look of disappointment I showed them to my partner, Paul (let’s call him by his name from now on), who ate them all! Bless him! He is such an easy man to please when it comes to food and thought they were edible enough. 

All in all a good effort into healthy cooking and hopefully by the end of the year I will know how to cook healthy, or just to cook in general! I will take you on my journey on learning to cook healthy. Maybe, if I manage to whip out some nice dishes, I will even share some recipes with you!!

9 thoughts on “I wish I knew how to make banana oat muffins!

  1. Stroopwafels are so yum!
    Kudos on you trying to bake.. I have had some pretty unsuccessful bakes as well, but the ones that do turn out well– so yummmm!

    Hopping in from the community,

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