Welcome to Happy Life Decisions!

Do you sometimes feel stuck in life, and feel like everyone has figured life out except you? Or do you just want to dream of life on the road? I felt the same. Never felt I excelled at something, or that I could have the life I wanted. But then I started making decisions. Happy Life Decisions!! Were they easy to make? Not all of them. But they were absolutely worth taking! Did I make mistakes along the way? Absolutely! Just remember: you have to make some mistakes to get where you want to be!

Welcome to my blog! Here I will share my personal stories and experiences about life with you, my passion for travel and photography, healthy living, what working remotely really is like, and much more. I hope my stories will make you laugh, teach you something, maybe even guide you, and show you that a positive attitude will get you far. Never give up! You can have the life you want. It is all about taking that first step.

All photos on my blog are taken by me. I love photography, especially photo’s of beautiful landscapes.

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